Why buy Australian

Why Buy Australian?

Apart form the fact that Australia grown Hemp is some of the most nutritious and delicious hemp in the world, it’s also and excellent and viable option for Aussie farmers. Particularly those in drought. Hemp crops can mature in as little as 3 months and need very little water. The plant is so versatile it can be used for fibre (Clothing and material), food, oils, cosmetics, pet food, even medicines.

Growers can expect 2-3 fully mature crops to harvest per annum. If its Australian grown then is contributing to the clean air we suck into our lungs everyday and the rejuvenation of our nutrient depleted soils. 

Support the Growers, processors, suppliers, wholesalers, retailers and businesses like ours and the many others out there that produce such an amazing Australian Grown asset.

love Hemp Dealers ❤️🌱